Birgit Morper

Starts June 20, 2020
Ends June 27, 2020

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Masseria San Giovanni Sgadari Petralia Sicily Italy

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It is our very nature to always have new dreams and visions. We sometimes get side-tracked by old patterns that hold us back from bringing our dreams into reality. In this retreat, we look at the art of creation. Creation follows a scheme. It starts with receiving a creative impulse. This impulse needs to be connected to our own voice. To do this, we need to allow ourselves to play outside of existing rules. We need a strong core, we need to understand the roles of fear and obstacles and we need to break things down into steps.
You will learn how to find creative impulses that spark passion in your heart. You will learn what to do with these impulses, how to deconstruct fear and how to lean into trust for the unknown. Each day, we will look at one chakra and it’s role in the creation process. The chakra system is a holistic system that teaches you how to access a vision and how to bring this vision into reality.

For prices and information, please click here: Birgit Morper/Sicily

Eventful Yoga

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