Dynamyk Yoga

Starts September 12, 2020
Ends September 19, 2020

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Davina conveys the authenticity and beauty of yoga in an accessible and inviting way. She shares the teachings of yoga with enthusiasm, joy, and a generous heart, inviting us to show up exactly how we are. This inward depth combined with her love of movement and willingness to follow the creative flow results in fresh, fluid, satisfying sequences. Davina invites us to become curious, courageous, and to trust in the unknown. She encourages herself and us to be vulnerable, brave, and embrace the present moment without the fear. Davina has been teaching yoga since the 1980’s. She teaches both vinyasa and hatha yoga. Her earlier training was with the BWY, Life Foundation (Dru Yoga) as well as Meditation diplomas.

Classes are moderately paced, light-hearted and friendly lessons in yoga, perhaps lessons in life. Always open to questions, she is able to tailor classes to the needs of students, and encourages acceptance of each moment as a necessary step along the path of well-being. Davina began her relationship with yoga in her mid-thirties during a personal health crisis and breakdown. Yoga was an integral part of her healing process.

For prices and information please click here: Davina Yoga Retreat Sicily 


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