Ameriga Yoga and Anna Inferrera

Starts May 21, 2022
Ends May 28, 2022

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Masseria San Giovanni Sgadari Petralia Sicily Italy

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Ameriga is often described as an “unconventional” yoga teacher capable of taking students to the next level of practice, and inspiring deep reflections on their own life. In her intense, powerful and transformative lessons, Ameriga eclectically blends different styles of postural yoga. Through her understanding of functional anatomy, she invites students to find depth in the poses by exploring them, instead of “performing” them according to an ideal form. Expect creative, slow, deep and intense sequences, often leading to a climax pose and garnished with Indian philosophy, psychology, engaging music and kirtan.

Mi chamo Anna Inferrera. Scopro il mondo lo yoga nel 1998 a New York, dove mi diplomo presso la scuola Atmanada e nel 2006 mi trasferisco a Los Angeles dove proseguo i miei studi presso la scuola Yogaworks completando un training avanzato in storia e filosofia dello yoga  e Yoga Terapia con PH.D Larry Payne, diretto studente del grande maestro Sri T. Krishnamacharya ed il figlio TKV. Desikachar. Attualmente vivo a Milano dove insegno presso il centro Mondo Yoga.

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