It is the time of a thousand colourful flowers in the meadows and of grass that grows wild, of sudden rains and of the sun that warms up in a moment, of the leaves that begin to appear on the trees and wild asparagus and spring mushrooms that we will gather in the woods and between the fields. April and May are among our favorite months, with the tall green grass, the nights still cold and the blue mornings full of light. In April, depending on the year, it will still be necessary to use the heating and you will need wool jackets and sweaters in the evening. They will make room for lighter clothes in May, when it will be already possible to swimm in the pool and, why not, in the small river. They are ideal months for long walks in the area and on the most beautiful days you will stay very well on the beach. At night, in the first weeks, it will be possible to have 10-15 degrees but, during the day, very often the 20 degrees will be exceeded. June, in Sicily, is full summer, with pleasant and fragrant nights and hot days, ideal for swimming in the pool and for exercising in the cool old rooms of the Masseria, defended by thick walls. It’s a wonderful time to cook seasonal vegetables picked in the farmhouse’s garden, from aubergines to courgettes, to tomatoes and to pick the fresh fruit from the trees.
Yes, it’s hot. The sky will be almost permanently blue and the landscape takes on the color of gold. But we are 650 meters above sea level and the mountains that surround us exceed 1500 meters. Therefore the nights will still be cool – you rarely need air conditioning – and on hot days it will be even more pleasant to swim in the pool or take shelter in the shade of our forest. It is also time to pick summer fruit and prepare apricot or plum jam and fruit ice cream. In July, you can watch the wheat harvest and in September you can collect almonds and porcini mushrooms with us. It will be the best moment to eat large, organic, salads from our vegetable garden and enjoy cold, freshly pressed, fruit juices.
The wheat is gone, the ground around it is ocher and brown, the light is magical, the days are warm, the water in the pool still suitable for swimming. October is a wonderful month in Sicily, the temperatures are about 20-25 degrees in the day and in the evening you’ll need just a sweater to stay out. After the middle of the month could be necessary to turn on the heating for the night, which will also serve in November. The farmhouse is at the height of its activity. You will have the chance to take part in the grape harvest and, from the 20th of October through November, to pick olives and follow their transformation into extra-virgin olive oil. In November, the forest takes on extraordinary colors and the first rains will come, yet there will be still hot and sunny days. Autumn soups will be the real queens of the table together with mushrooms and chestnuts.


“In spring, hundreds of flowers; in autumn, a harvest moon; in summer, a refreshing breeze; in winter, snow will accompany you. If useless things do not hang in your mind, any season is a good season for you”. (Zen poem)

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