Located in the center of the Mediterranean, Sicily has always been a melting pot of culture, art and traditions and also the cradle of the most authentic Mediterranean cuisine. A bridge between the Arab world and the West, over the centuries the island has developed what is considered the most original among the Italian regional cuisines. It is based largely on the use and imaginative preparation of the extraordinary vegetables that grow on the Sicilian soil. Therefore it is already largely vegetarian, if not vegan, since the origins. From oranges to lemons, to basil, mint, capers, wild fennel, saffron, tomatoes and artichokes, everything contributes to create dishes that are unique for taste and nutritional properties.
With its 25 hectares park, its 700 olive trees, the vegetable garden, the orchard and the vineyard, the Masseria is a certified organic farm since 20 years and produces its own extra virgin olive oil, wheat, wine, vegetables and fruit, preserves and jams. We offer our guests very large vegetarian buffet meals, brunch (a full mix of breakfast and lunch) and dinner, based on traditional Sicilian recipes expertly reworked and lightened by our Chef. In addition, vegan, gluten free, without sugar preparation will always be present on the table. As well as herbal teas prepared with the medicinal plants of our garden, and fresh fruit juices.


Our mid-morning brunch will be a full mix of breakfast and lunch. Therefore you will always find a large choice of coffee, tee, herbal tee, fresh juices, homemade yoghurt, organic honey, jams, different kinds of cereals, cheeses, eggs, but also pasta, rice, traditional Sicilian recipes, like Parmigiana and Caponata, and of course, soups, cooked vegetables and salads of all kinds, based on organic vegetables from local producers or grown directly in the Masseria, plus fruit and dessert of different kinds.


Dinners, in our retreat center, will be usually characterized by the use of predominantly savory dishes like different sort of homemade vegetable pies, basmati rice flans, seasonal soups, skilfully alternated with healthy Mediterranean inspired pizzas, based on local ingredients like fresh tomatoes, basil and capers. Naturally, you will also find plenty of local cheeses, fresh fruit, homemade cakes, juices and a large choice of herbal tees for the night.

Enjoy Sicily At Home

Our Chef's recipes for you

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