Insight with Joni

Starts September 7, 2024
Ends September 14, 2024

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Masseria San Giovanni Sgadari Petralia Sicily Italy

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You’ll practice gentle yoga and mindfulness, explore thought prompts about finding purpose and meaning, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Sicilian Spirit, with the option to explore the area. 

Life is busier and more uncertain than ever. How do you move through the overwhelm? I can help with flexible, integrative, individual, or group services in mindfulness, personal transformation, yoga, and overall wellness. Learn more about these services. Contact me if you’re ready to take the next step! If you’re looking to help your team, group or employees manage stress and uncertainty, talk to me about professional development like Plugged into Mindfulness. Check out my new book, The Space to Choose, a Path to Life Mastery.


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Sandi Hester - Uptrek

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