Peter Goodman

Starts September 14, 2024
Ends September 21, 2024

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Masseria San Giovanni Sgadari Petralia Sicily Italy

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Julie and Peter create exceptional yoga retreats focusing on deepening practice and gathering amazing people together, with plenty of time for relaxation and daring adventure. 

Sicily, Italy’s largest island, is a glorious mixture of culture and history that has inspired centuries of myths and ancient tales. From mountains and ruins, to farmlands and paradisiacal beaches, plus the glorious farm fresh meals (i.e., pasta!) and vigor of daily yoga practice, you’ll be inspired to savor life from the moment you arrive! Your two daily yoga classes will be geared toward exploring, learning, and growing your practice. Julie and Peter share a background as certified Anusara yoga teachers so you’ll get expert attention to detail, playful teaching styles, thoughtful themes, all in a lively communal atmosphere. The yoga hall is fully equipped with mats and props, in a gorgeous transformed old barn with vaulted ceilings.

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